How to Get Perfect Nails in the Winter–Every Time!

One of my friend’s mothers is a true diva. Whether it’s 109 or -19 she always steps out the picture of perfection. I talked to her recently while we were Trick O’Treating. It was snowy – thankfully not snowing – and I noticed her nails as she was passing out the candy.

Dashing Diva brand

They were, as expected, flawless. I’ve always had trouble with my nails becoming dry and brittle in the winter, so I asked her what her secret was. She laughed for awhile and then excused herself into the house, and then came out and slipped something into my bag. With a wink, she told me to check it out once I got home.

All night, I was expecting something like a tube of Preparation H to be in my bag waiting to be found, but no. Something even more unexpected …

Press-on Nails!

Not exactly like the ones from back when I was running around her house as a kid in the 90s, but pretty close!

A few years ago, nail stickers were all the rage. They even had several MLM companies pop-up so you could sell them to other people while earning a big discount on your own. You know the shpiel! I never really liked the stickers.

While adorable, they were hard to cut to your nail shape and apply correctly. You had to use a special machine to warm them up enough to stick to your nails for long periods of time and then a special solution to get the off your fingers without damaging your nails’ surface.

Press-on nails are simpler because you don’t have to cut them exactly to your nail size and shape. Plus, it’s easy to add glitter, gemstones, goldleaf and other additives, just like real acrylic nails!

And did we mention they have kits for press-on pedicures?

Now, my friend’s mom loves these things, which means they work well, stand up over time and are affordable. She’s a pretty practical lady.

The kit she gave me lasted nearly two weeks before a nail came off. I could have reattached it, but she told me that once they start coming off, it’s best just to remove them.

At present, they range from $7.99 for a single application to $14.99 for specialty nails and $25-ish for group packs. Try them out yourself for a small investment.

Order your holiday press-on nails today.