Urban Equestrian Boots for Big Beautiful Women

Aukusor Women’s Wide Width Knee High Boots

Tall boots almost always look “off” on me. For one, I’m a shorty. But even when I was very skinny, my knees were like oak knots. lol Not a good mix.

Too often, the proportions from ankle to calf to knee and thigh are too small, leading to bulging, stretched leather and bowing seams.

If you love big boots for big beautiful women, rock ’em! I’m not very familiar with the style though, so if you know of a good one, please drop it in the comments!

The Best Short Urban Equestrian Boots (for BBWs)

Riding boots are all the rage right now though, so what’s a big girl with a taste for “urban equestrian” flare to do?

Enter the Lucky Brand Rossa Caelyn Leather Ankle Boot, available in black and red.

Or the somewhat more western Black Bernaeh Leather Ankle Boot.

Or the b.ΓΈ.c. Darly Bootie

Or the Annetta

Image result for Black Annetta Bootie"

There are plenty of options for urban equestrian or any other look for bigger women who aren’t comfortable in big boots.

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