Winter Foods We’re Obsessed With

We live in farm country, where families traditionally slowed down during the winter months and enjoyed cold-weather crafts and winter foods they didn’t have time for at other, busier times of year. Roads were bad and gas was expensive, so families didn’t go into town very often. People spent more time at home with one another, living life at a slower pace.

Winter Foods to Keep You Warm and Full

One hallmark of warm meals for the winter is their ability to fill your belly and keep it filled! Oats, potatoes, yams — did you know pumpkin pie filling is really just yam filling? Travesty! But here are some delightful dishes you can enjoy this season.

Beef Meals are My Favorites

But there are legitimate vegetarian options that work
Of course, soups are an army of flavor all on their own!
And crockpot meals.
Some winter foods help you fight germs.
Others warm your belly

Then again, sometimes the best winter food is one served in a restaurant on a rare night in town. Save on social dining with Groupon .